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The Spook's Apprentice: A Fantasy/Mystery Adventure

In the land of the County, the Spook has protected its people from all things that go bump in the night.

Enter Thomas Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son. Unable to find a trade for his son, his father makes one last desperate attempt to give his son a future. Apprenticed to John Gregory, Tom becomes the Spook's Apprentice, the newest one after all the others have died terribly. Teaching Tom all that he knows, the Spook will apprentice him for five years.

As he grows old, the spook must find a worthy apprentice to protect the County, will Tom succeed or will he go the same way as the rest of the Spook's former students? Befriending a mysterious girl named Alice, against the Spook's advice, Tom makes a terrible mistake, freeing a dangerous evil from its prison, and worse, while the Spook is out of town!

Using nothing but his wits, the Spook's teachings and a lot of guesswork, Tom must go head to head with Mother Malkin, a practitioner of vile Blood Magic. She is the most powerful witch in the County, and she's out for blood.

Ghosts, ghasts, boggarts and witches, oh my! A thrilling, chilling and utterly addictive story by Joseph Delaney. This book will have you staying up late to find out what happens next. The first book in an amazing series.

Recommended for readers aged 11-15 years old and for those who love fantasy.

Guest Blog by Beau Booker

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