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Book Week 2022

Okay okay - this is a bit late! But better late then never.

As you probably know Book Week is our favourite week in this house. Now being in High School means no more book week parade for me (boohoo), but my younger siblings still get to partake.

My brother was in Year 6 so this was his final year of Book Week parade and he wanted to go out with a bang. Along with some of his friends, they decided to go as Greek Gods - Hades, Poseidon, Zeus and Kronos. All Gods from the Percy Jackson series of books. My brother was Hades, and he and my Mum made his helm of darkness and his bident using craft foam and skeletons. They also made his chiton and used a wraith bodysuit underneath. He was going through some medical treatment at the time of the book parade so already had the pale complexion of Hades, and just needed a little dark eye makeup to complete the look.

My little sister went as Meg from Little Women. Unfortunately she was sick on the day of the parade so missed the fun at school but still dressed up at home.

Next time there will only be one costume for Book Week.

Stay tuned


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