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A Study in Charlotte: Holmes Reborn!

This book is amazing for people like me! It is about Sherlock Holmes' descendant, Charlotte, and boy, is it a thrilling mystery! It follows Jamie Watson who, upon meeting Charlotte, is thrown into a deadly game. After a bully is murdered, Jamie and Charlotte must stop more murders being carried out. As they get thrown into more and more danger together, they find themselves growing closer and closer and finally having to save their partners life more often than not, they grow an almost unbreakable bond. It brings the story to a thrilling end and I promise I will review the second one as soon as I read it! But enough about the book. I've probably spoiled a bit for you.

I would give this book to 13-16 yr olds that love detective fiction, especially Sherlock Holmes. I would give this to the older age group because there is a slight use of, and talk about, drugs as well as very, very mature relationship things. There is some very major talk about very mature stuff for more teenage readers. Please don't give this to an 11 or 12 yr old unless they are very, very mature (like me obviously).

All in all, this is a great book for kids (who my mum would call tweens or teens) who are very mature and love a good mystery. Please again don't give this to someone under 13 unless they are very mature. Hope you enjoy

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