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Author Presentation: R.A Spratt Comes To My School

As this week was Book Week our school arranged an author visit and boy was I happy when I learned it was R.A Spratt.

R.A Spratt is the author of many good series including Friday Barnes (hang tight for my review of this series once the final book comes out in early 2021), Peski Kids and The Adventures Of Nanny Piggins. These books are all on my read and re-read list because of how funny and well thought out they are. R.A Spratt is definitely a high quality author you should have on your to-read list. Especially if you love humorous mysteries.

She was really funny and even blew a trumpet out at the school. Because of Covid-19 we did have some years watch it online including us poor Year 6 kids which was really sad, but we stilled enjoyed it immensely. One day I hope to write books like her.

In other Book Week news, I dressed up as Sherlock Holmes for our Book Week Parade. This is my final Book Week Parade so it was awesome to dress up as one of my favourite literary characters.

Stay Tuned


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