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Bink and Gollie

Well, today my little sister has been lying in bed and reading like a true Book-er! Ahhh I am so funny!

So Kyah tell me about the book series you just binge-read in bed today.

It is called Bink & Gollie by Kate Dicamillo and Alison McGhee and the story follows best friends, Bink and Gollie, two girls whose favourite thing to do is roller-skating.

What do you like most in these books?

I like that no matter what happens, the girls are still best friends, even when Gollie has to rescue Bink’s fish and sets it free into a pond, or when they disagree about what socks to wear.

Who would like these books?

I think kids who have just started to read books independently up to about 8 years of age would really enjoy these books. There are great illustrations (pictures) and small sentences to read. The pages only have a few sentences each on them, sometimes only 1 or 2, and so it doesn’t take long to read the whole book!

Each book has 3 different stories in them so you get a lot of story for each book.

Thanks so much for your review today Kyah. These books sound great for the younger age groups like yourself. Did you pick this series up at the library yesterday?

Yes, I knew I liked these books so I added them to my HUGE pile of books which we borrowed in preparation for our Easter Holidays during Social Isolation!

Stay tuned


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