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Book Week: A Book Worms Favourite Time Of The Year!

For a book worm like me, and my siblings, there is one week of the year that trumps nearly every other one in the school calendar. Can you guess what week that is?

Book Week!

Book Week is an amazing week for everyone, not just book-crazed kids like those in my family, as you get to dress up as your favourite book character. It is week filled with fun and books as you compete to win prizes in the costume parade.

Each year Book Week has a theme. This year our school's Book Week theme was "Reading is my Secret Power". The library teachers dressed up as different superheroes all week, such as Wonder Woman, Sheera, and Supergirl. But you didn't have to come dressed up as a superhero, the choice was up to you, who was your favourite book character this year?

This year I came as Skulduggery Pleasant who is a skeleton detective, and I will soon be reviewing this book series on my blog.

Some of the other great costumes I saw at Book Week this year included my sister who was a peacock from the book Peacock on the Roof and my brother who was Leo Lennox from The Turners. My friends came as characters from Aladdin, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

Book Week is the best time of the year to go to your library as they will be hosting a range of Book Week activities such as guess the book character. But it is also a great place to go because you can borrow the book of who you are going as. Our school arranged for author visits in the lead up to Book Week including Steven Herrick author of Untangling Spaghetti and Rhyming Boy. We watched Simultaneous Storytime where the high school students and Year 1 students, including my sister, performed a play called Alpacas with Maracas.

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