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Brotherband: The Journey of a lifetime

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Where do I start? This series is written by John Flanagan, who wrote the Ranger's Apprentice series, one of my favourite series of all time. The Brotherband series and features some of the same characters from the Ranger's Apprentice series.

Brotherband is about a boy named Hal, who is a very smart Skandian. He creates his own ship, forms his own crew, and they take off into epic sea and land battles. It is a great series for lovers of Ranger's Apprentice and especially, lovers of Skandians (that is, Vikings).

brother band jogn flanagan book review bookers books

This book is probably for 9 to 10-year-olds but adults would enjoy it as well. In fact, I am waiting for my Dad to start reading it once he finally gets done with reading Ranger's Apprentice.

There is a lot of action and sailing which is highly enjoyable. John Flanagan is a great writer of action and detail, and he really transports me into the world of Hal & his crew. There is not much in the way of romance, which I am quite happy about, but there is a lot of loyalty and friendship in The Brotherband.

It is a great book and everyone should read it.

brotherband john flanagan book review bookers books

All in all, it is a great book and I hope you enjoy it.

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