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Green Fingers - A Borrowers Review

As you may know, I have built and run a street Library out the front of our house. I built it last year during our first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown here in Sydney and filled it with children's books. It gets a lot of use and I love seeing all the local families come to share, borrow and read books from the library.

During our most recent school holidays (which also happened to be during lockdown) I had one of our Library users return a book from the library along with her very own review.

Sienna, aged 6, borrowed "Green Fingers" by Emily Roda. This is her review:

"I liked 'Green Fingers' because it was funny."

From Sienna

Thank you Sienna for using our street library and returning your book with a review! Green Fingers is one book in a pack from Scholastic, with short stories written by some wonderful authors and perfect for kids aged 5-7 years. They are perfect first chapter books for newly independent readers.

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