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Ice Wolves: An Excellent Fantasy for All Ages

Ice Wolves is a book about two kids, Rayna and Anders, who are twins. When the two manifest as two different elemental forms; Anders an Ice Wolf and Rayna a Dragon; Anders is confused. His sister is nothing like the brutish dragons that stole her away.

Anders decides the only course of action is to enlist at Ulfar Academy. So when he starts to unravel something that the wolves are keeping a secret Anders puts his life on the line to save his sister.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy. It is a great book, well written and constructed and the author, Amie Kaufman, has worked incredibly hard to pull something this good off. I would recommend it to ages 9 and up because there is some violence but it is amazing. Both my brother, aged 10, and myself, aged 12 have really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the subsequent books in the series.

All in all it is a great book that I would recommend to everyone.

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