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Infinity Ring: A Thrilling Time-Travelling Tale!

An eight book long series set in the future. History loving Dak Smyth and his best friend, science nerd Sera Froste discover the Infinity Ring, the key to time travel, they are recruited by the Hystorians. The Hystorians are a group founded by Aristotle millenia ago. The world is ruled by a ruthless government known as SQ, the rivals of the Hystorians. Teamed up with teenage Hystorian-in-training Riq, they set out on a race across time, trying to fix the Great Breaks along history. If they succeed, SQ will never gain power and the approaching calamity of The Cataclysm will be prevented.

Recommended for history loving readers who also enjoy action, adventure and a spike of humour, this enthralling tale will grab the attention of many young readers. I'd say readers from about 10-14 would love this time travelling trek! I would rate it an 8/10! If you loved this series be sure to play the game recommended in the books.

Stay Tuned!


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