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Juliet Nearly a Vet - One of my sister's favourite series

Today we have my little sister, Kyah, talking about her favourite series - Juliet Nearly a Vet by Rebecca Johnson. Kyah is 7 years old and in Year 2, she loves reading almost as much as the rest of the family. This series is one of Kyah's first independently read chapter book series.

Kyah, what is the main idea of the story?

Juliet is a 10-year-old girl, whose Mum is a vet. Her mum has her vet surgery in the backyard, which allows Juliet to visit a lot and help out often. In fact, Juliet has learnt a lot about animals already from helping her Mum in the surgery. Each of the books follows Juliet on a new adventure into the world of saving and rescuing animals of different types.

Do you have a favourite book in the series?

Probably my favourite one of the series is the final book, Rainforest Camp because Juliet is teaching her teachers and all of her classmates about animals specifically leeches and sugar gliders. It is quite interesting when she teaches everyone how to remove a leech, and hilarious when everyone is screaming because of the striped marsh frog in the shower block.

Who would you recommend to read this series?

If you have an interest in young vets, animals and adventure fiction then this series is perfect for you.

What age range is this book series aimed at?

I would recommend this series for children aged 6-10 years of age. Probably younger children would enjoy them if they had a parent reading it to them.

I have really enjoyed this series. There are 12 books and it has a good mixture of funny and serious parts, and Bush Baby Rescue has some really sad bits because the animals are injured by a really bad bush fire. It is sad but also happy when they have to release them all back to the wild after they have recovered.

Awesome, thanks so much for answering my questions today on Booker's Books Kyah. This sounds like an amazing series.

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