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Keeper of the Lost Cities: A Fantasy Prodigy

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Since 2012, when the first book was published, Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger has been a huge hit with readers young and old. In this blog post you will get the brief on all the books, 1 to 8.5.

Book #1 Keeper of the Lost Cities:

Sophie Foster is a 12 year old child genius and is taking high school classes at her school. But thats not the only thing thats special about her, Sophie is a Telepath. On an excursion at a museum she meets Fitz, a Telepath like her with shining teal eyes. He shows her a sparkling utopia hidden from humans where she truly belongs. But with light there is dark, there are secrets buried deep in Sophie's mind, secrets some people will kill for.

Book #2 Exile:

After being kidnapped Sophie and her friends want answers. But when Sophie finds a species on the brink of extinction she must stop the criminals, desperately needing to gain leverage over the Council, the sparkly rulers of the Lost Cities. But when a dear friend is put in peril Sophie must harness her powers to save them. With her new goblin bodyguard, Sandor, and her friends, Sophie braves the unknown, finding that there may be more than one rebellion.

Book #3 Everblaze:

After finding the leader of the rebellion, Sophie is brought to Oblivimyre to witness an interrogation, when an inferno of Everblaze, a fire that never stops, rages across Eternalia and kills many that are held dear, Sophie sets her eyes on the mysterious rebellion desperate to stop them. Sophie spends months trying to figure out what the rebellion wants, but when she learns the identity of her kidnapper, an unregistered pyrokinetic, she goes to face him ending up her leaving empty handed. When she is deemed 'dangerous' by the council she is stripped of her powers.

Book #4 Neverseen:

After the events of Everblaze, Sophie and her friends run off to the Black Swan, a rebel organisation, the creators of Project Moonlark, the creators of Sophie. Being free of her ability restrictor, Sophie and friends along with the Black Swans 'Collective', go to free Prentice, a wrongly accused agent for the Black Swan. In Exile the Council confronts them and say to free Prentice they must surrender a key part in their fight against the now revealed Neverseen into the Councils custody and the Sophie and her friends must attend Exillium, the juvenile detention for the Lost Cities. During their time with the Black Swan they must delve deeper into Sophies friend Keefe's past and find buried truth that no one wants to know.

Except Sophie.

Book #5 Lodestar:

Newly un-exiled, Sophie and her friends with a few new faces from Exillium almost start a war with the ogres and lose a special friend. They set to work to stop the Neverseen and find out more about the Lodestar Initiative and how it is linked to Keefe. But when Sophie is invited to the Peace Summit she suspects that the Neverseen are going to strike there next. Taking place at Lumenaria, Sophie is ready with all of her powers. Sophies suspicions are confirmed when one of the many leaders of the Neverseen shows up. All seems peaceful until a member of the Neverseen trapped in the prisons cause calamity killing one of their own and one of Sophies most cherished friends. Sophie is saved from the rubble by Keefe and sees the leader and the agent of the Neverseen escape . . . with another.

Book #6 Nightfall:

After the catastrophe of Lumenaria, Sophie has been mourning the loss of one of her friends. Meanwhile the Black Swan have been working tirelessly to regroup and re-cooperate. But when more of the people Sophie love go missing she devises a plan to get them back. A mysterious Neverseen hideout is discovered as well as a second older one and they learn of the prisoner who broke out of Lumenaria with the Neverseen . . . and of their experiments.

Book #7 Flashback:

A brutal attack by the Neverseen is enacted on Sophie and Fitz and leaves them in the healing centre for months and a torturing question about a mysterious seventh element used to cause their ailments. Questions about a Neverseen agents amnesia and if he can be trusted are circling throughout the Lost Cities as the perfect world is drawn into chaos. A plot against one of the intelligent species and the Neverseens plans for the slowly dissolving utopia are all becoming clear as the endgame draws closer.

Book #8 Legacy:

After the events at the Celestial Festival, Sophie and her friends have their guards up. But when the Lost Cities is threatened and Sophies group are given titles that no child would even dream of having she must agree to letting one of her powers free to give her greater advantage against her enemies. Sophie, Keefe and Fitz head with her to a human city where they are ambushed and they win for the first time thanks to Sophies power. Sophie finds out her genetic mother and truths are uncovered showing that they have only won a battle, not the war.

Book #8.5 Unlocked:

In this guide to the Keeper of the Lost Cities you will find beautiful illustrations of your favourite characters, recipes of mallowmelt and more, potions, powers and much more, including a short story that goes for 200 pages or so.

The next Keeper book is coming out in November 2021! Look out for it!

All in all a great book for 10+.

Stay Tuned


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