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My Summer Reading List: A summer of books

Summer reading list

This is my summer reading list. It will help for quick and easy choices for book selections. I do recommend either using my own website or another to check the age rating. Most of them are for 10-12 year olds but a couple are probably younger age ratings. I suggest looking at commonsense media.

This summer I had a lot of opportunities to read because we had a couple of family road trips. One at Tasmania and one in the Southern Highlands and I read in the car a lot!! In fact, a few times on our trip around Tasmania, my parents banned me from reading so that I could take in the amazing scenery we were driving through.

I also had my birthday and obviously Christmas these holidays and I received a lot of books for both! Yay! Needless to say I have read quite a lot these summer holidays.

So with no further ado - My top picks from my summer of reading:

  • Agatha Christie: Murder at the Vicarage

  • The Unlisted: 2 and 3

  • Kenzie and Max: 2 to 4

  • The secret life of wombats

  • Maximum Ride: Schools out forever

  • Land of Stories: A Grimm warning

  • Go

  • Wings of Fire

  • Clockwork Angel

  • City of Lost Souls

I will keep adding to this list over time.

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