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Nevermoor: The trials of Morrigan Crow

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

This book series encompasses 3 books so far: Nevermoor; Wundersmith; Hollowpox, and they are one of my favourite series. The author Jessica Townsend has created a masterpiece.

The books follow young girl Morrigan Crow, who has grown up a cursed child. Destined to die on Eventide night, she is rescued by the mad ginger, Jupiter North and whisked away to the fantabulous city of Nevermoor where her adventures are only just starting.

When I first read these books I fell in love with the characters and Nevermoor itself. The tale is spun perfectly, the author combining fantasy, magic, trials and a new beginning into a beautiful tale.

I would rate this book for 9+ as there are a few mildly scary scenes but nothing a nine year old can't handle. There is mild fantastical violence but always lots of humour and fun. If there was a movie I would highly recommend seeing it but there isn't. Shame.

All in all I would really recommend this book to everyone as there is something for all of you.

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