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Pax: A Heartfelt Masterpiece

Updated: May 30, 2023

Pax is a 5 year old fox, abandoned as a pup. Pax is taken in by a boy named Peter whose mother has died. They form a close bond and grow up together. When Peter's Dad joins the military, Peter, unwillingly, must let Pax into the wild for the first time. Peter faces many hardships and Pax must survive in an alien landscape. A heart wrenching tale that plays with your emotions of joy, sorrow and wonder as the book unravels. Two friends, one special bond.

Recommended for those who love heart warming friendship but can deal with sadness. This book will have you laughing with greatest joy and crying in deepest lamentation. Join Pax and Peter as they explore a whole world to find each other. They face many hardships but discover themselves along the way. This book will tug your heartstrings but will grab your attention. I rate this book 9/10. It is excellently written and I recommend it for 9-15 year olds.

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