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Percy Jackson: A Kid with Godly Powers

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Percy Jackson is a great book for kids who are into Greek Mythology or who just want a book series with heaps of action and suspense. It is about a boy named Percy Jackson, who discovers he is actually a demi-god, which goes a long way to explaining his dyslexia. Percy soon finds himself in trouble with Zeus who believes he has stolen something that the Gods want back very badly. In the space of 14 days, he has to find and return it before war breaks out between the gods leading to the destruction of earth and all mankind.

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I would give this book an age rating of 7 or 8 to 14. It is a great book with just the right amount of bullies, romance, action, adventure, godly interaction and a kid struggling to keep up with everything that happens to him and his friends.

There are a lot of additional books in this series, each dealing with a new quest Percy and his demi-god friends have to complete. Each just as action-packed as the next, and all give you a great understanding of Greek Mythology. After reading all of these books, there is barely a question about Greek Mythology I cannot answer.

For those lovers of Roman, Egyptian or Norse mythology do not despair. There are several Rick Riordan series that include Roman, Egyptian and Norse gods, demi-gods and monsters, as well as guides to being a demi-god and a guide to the gods themselves.

This is one of my favourite book series and Rick Riordan one of my favourite authors. I believe everyone that reads it will enjoy it as well.

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1 Comment

Jul 06, 2021

One of the best books I ever read!!!!!😁

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