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Scythe: The Art of Killing

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The title above may lead you to think that this book is the most violent and gory book you could possibly give to your child. If this is what you think, you are wrong. Yes there is death as a main featuring theme in this book, however, it is not the bloodbath you would expect it to be.

Welcome to Earth. However, not the Earth you remember or know. In 2042, the Cloud becomes sentient and adopts the name: Thunderhead. With the Thunderhead's help, humans learn to overcome famine, disease and war. Death has been beaten, and the only way to die is via a Scythe. Ordinary people that have been granted the power to kill. Becoming a Scythe is an honour, however many people regard it is a punishment. Scythe's job is to keep the population down, however corruption is rife, as "new-age scythes" start to utilise mass *gleanings"(*the word used for killing ) in order to terrorise normal people. The story is based around two Scythe apprentices, Citra and Rowan, who are learning the art of a scythe.

I would rate this book for 10+ year olds, due to the subtle romance and violence(as you would expect from a book about killing). I would advise against giving this book to younger children, and overall I believe it to be a great, satisfying read.

I would give this book a 9/10, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed series such as Skulduggery Pleasant, Divergent or Percy Jackson.

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