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Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dead Famous Bestseller

Skulduggery Pleasant is an amazing book about a skeleton detective who can do magic. The main character is a girl called Stephanie -who later changes her name to Valkyrie- who meets Skulduggery Pleasant and is sucked into a world of magic, monsters and sociopaths, most of which want to kill both of them.

My favourite Skulduggery Pleasant book is probably number 4 which is called Dark Days and is all about a plot to reveal magic to the mortals. One thing I love about Skulduggery Pleasant is that he isn't perfect. In fact, he is far from perfect.

I started reading this series at the end of Year 3-the beginning of Year 4. I found the violence and scare-factor are a bit advanced, and in later books, there are some romantic relationships which develop. So I think Skulduggery Pleasant should be read by 10-16 year-olds as well as readers who enjoy crime, fantasy, magic, sci-fi and good vs evil.

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