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The Alice Stories: A Guest Blog by Kyah Booker

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The Alice stories are a series of four books. I recommend this series for 8 or 7+. It can be quite sad at times but also can be funny and humorous.

Alice is a gifted ballerina and her life is getting changed by the war and the Spanish flu. Alice has five siblings not including herself and from youngest to oldest it goes: Pudding, Little, Mabel, George, Alice (herself) and Teddy. Later on they meet James, who is a soldier with only one arm. He came back from the war thinking that Mabel was his age and wanted to marry her. Then he came to realise that Mabel was only eight years old.

This Book would be good for people who like a mix of mystery, comedy and sadness. It’s an amazing series and I hope if you read it you’ll enjoy it because I definitely did. Also there are lots of other Australian girl series just like the Alice stories but the different girls have different stories and about different things.

Thanks for having me!

All in all I think this sounds like a great book Kyah.

Stay Tuned


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