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The Book Barn - Berkelouw Books HQ: A Bookworms Bliss!

The Book Barn is a restaurant/bookshop that is a readers heaven! When you arrive you can order, go lose yourself in the countless bookshelves, read a book and possibly buy the book you're reading.

When I was there I ate a margarita pizza and bought several editions of Sherlock Holmes to read. There are plenty of books that you can read even if you're not aloud to buy them. The food is very tasty and I recommend going there even if you just want somewhere nice to have lunch, you don't have to buy a book. My little sister had one of the best steaks she's ever eaten! My Mum had Blue Swimmer Crab Linguine, my Dad had Confit Chicken and my brother had crumbed chicken and they all dug in with gusto!

You can find the Book Barn in Bendooley Estate which, in turn, is in Berrima. One of the best features is the massive open fireplace that is roaring on a cold day, perfect for our visit on a cold and windy July day. Another great feature is that a lot of the books are second hand and there are some really old fashioned books in hardcover form.

All in all the Book Barn is great place for lunch and also to buy a book along the way.

This is nbooker signing off for now.

Berkelouw Book Barn Bookshop & Cafe - Berkelouw Books

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2019

Fantastic review of the Book Barn. i will POP-in next time I'm nearby.

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