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The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini on his life in Afghanistan

The Kite Runner is a book about Khaled Hosseini's life, born and raised in Afghanistan. The first part of his childhood was in Afghanistan before the Russians invaded, and he recalls many blissful days spent with his best friend, the Hazara servant of his house, Hassan Together in the winter, the two of them made up the ultimate Kite Fighting team, a sport, banned by the Taliban when they ruled in Afghanistan.

However one day, something terrible happens to Hassan, and Khaled speaks about how regretful he is, for he watched, and failed to step in. He grew apart from his best friend, and then frames him, forcing him to leave with his father, Amir. The book details Khaled's growth from child to adult, fleeing Afghanistan with his father, and creating a new life in America, before having the chance to redeem himself for what he did so many years ago.

"You have the chance to be good again."

This book is one of tragedy and sorrow, before redemption, and how even the strongest friendships can be torn apart by jealousy. This book wil break your heart, mend it, break it and mend it all over again.

I would give this book to children 14+ as there is strong themes relating to multiple invasions of Afghanistan, the atrocities committed by both Russia and the Taliban. There are themes around self harm, and strong language, as well as some other mature themes.

However it is a beautiful book about one man's journey and I would rate it 10/10.

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