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The Sydney's Writer's Festival - A Readers Gathering

The Sydney's Writer's Festival happens once a year with more than 300 events taking place. Keen readers and writers alike are invited to come along. This year I was lucky enough, along with some of my fellow students, to be selected to attend one of the Primary School Days along with our school Librarians. Author's present talks and workshops across the festival and those who presented on the day I attended were R. A. Spratt, Oliver Pommavan, Megan MacDonald and Katherine Rundell.

Each author talk was quite informative, giving us insights into their methodology for writing their books, giving us ideas about how to write our own amazing stories, and they also frequently cracked jokes which had us all in stitches.

In fact, Oliver Phommavanh talked a lot about funny events that had happened to him which then inspired his books, and we laughed very hard at some of these humorous retellings.

R. A. Spratt, Rachel, read us a chapter from her new book, The Pesky Kids, which was very funny and is definitely on my list of books to read soon. This new series is in keeping with the spy/detective genre of her Friday Barnes series, another series I love and will review here on the blog soon.

Megan MacDonald, author of Judy Moody and Stink, shared childhood memories of chasing ice cream trucks and playing pranks with fake severed hands which feature in her Judy Moody and Stink books.

Katherine Rundell wowed us all with her adventure stories of swimming with, and eating, chicken-flavoured piranhas in the Amazon. Author of The Explorer, this is another author that is now on my must-read list in the near future, especially her new dragon-featuring new book which will be out later this year.

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