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The Trials of Apollo: A God Has Fallen!

If you liked Percy Jackson (& and why wouldn't you!? See previous blog post about this series if you are needing a review), you will love this. It is another awesome series by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson's author) about the Greek God, Apollo who has fallen to Earth and became mortal. This is something he is not happy about! Apollo must strive to find his immortality with the help of demigods and friends and must defeat multiple enemies. It is a great series, especially for greek mythology lovers.

I would give this book to 8-13 yr olds who love mythology, action, Percy Jackson or people who just want a good book. It has no swearing or bad language, has fantasy violence and is a pretty decent book and that means a lot coming from me.

All in all a good book that you should definitely purchase.

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