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The Wizards of Once: A Guest Review

Updated: May 30, 2023

You all may know of Cressida Cowell and her famous book series, How to Train Your Dragon, now a major motion picture. But you may not know of her other series, The Wizards of Once. This story takes place a long time ago on the British Isles, almost unrecognisable from what it is today. Magic is everywhere, in the forest, in the creatures and in the humans. Well, most humans. The Warriors have invaded the Isles, humans from a distant empire. They are lead by Queen Sychorax. They hate magic and capture and torture the wondrous creatures that inhabit this place. They burn the forests and are at constant war with the Wizards.

Now you must be thinking ‘Surely the Wizards would easily overpower the Warriors as they have awesome magical powers.’ But no. Magic does not work on iron and that is what the warriors use as armour, weapons, cutlery and lots of things.

Our story begins with our two main characters, Wish and Xar. Xar is a young wizard boy with no magic, which is most embarrassing as his father is Encanzo, the king of the wizards. And Wish, a young warrior girl who has an extremely powerful magical item, her own eye. A Magic Eye to be precise. And it does not give her any kind of magic. It gives her the Kind-Of-Magic-That-Works-On-Iron. Xar, longing for magic, cuts himself and puts a Witch’s blood into it. A Witch is the foulest, most loathsome, hateful being in the entire universe, thought to be extinct. In an unlikely twist of fate, Xar and Wish meet, a catalyst for the beginning of a grand journey, where they learn more about themselves, their unlikely circumstances, their past and their parents past, all the while suffering the consequences of that Witch’s blood in Xar and trying to foil the King Witch’s plans. Oh yeah, you know those Witches we talked about earlier? Well they’re back.

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