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Treehouse Exclusive: An Interview with an Enthusiast

Today we are interviewing my little brother, Beau about The Treehouse Series.

Beau, what first attracted you to the Treehouse Series?

Well Noah, you started reading the series and found them hilariously funny, always giggling and laughing to yourself whilst you read, so I thought, “hhhmmmmm….maybe I should start reading those so that I know what Noah is always laughing about.” Also you kept telling me about the story and I thought, “Noah is going to give away all the funny bits unless I start reading the books as well.”

What is your favourite of the Treehouse books and why?

I would say that my favourite book is the 104 Storey Treehouse because it is hilariously funny. They have a $2 Shop where everything is just $2, and they also have a $2 000 Shop where everything is $2 000. It is also funny because Andy has an aching tooth, which is then stolen by a bird and Andy, Terry and Jill have to search for it which leads to much hilarity.

What is your favourite story within the Treehouse books?

I find Terry, Andy & Jill having to go up the never-ending staircase in search of the tooth-stealing bird hilariously funny because they keep going up and up for hours and hours. They keep asking, “Are we there yet?” for hours and hours and then finally they get there and say “Yes!” This reminds me of our family road trips when my brother, sister and I are always asking “Are we there yet?” for the whole journey, driving our parents bonkers!

Do you have a favourite storey within the Treehouse and why?

I think my favourite storey within the treehouse is the mixing storey. Here they can mix things, objects or animals, together to make a new “thing”. For example, in the 78 Storey Treehouse, they mix together an electric eel and a unicorn, creating an ‘electricorn’ which can shoot bolts of lightning out of its horn and is electric. Cool hey!?

Who do you like better, Andy or Terry? Why?

Terry. Terry draws a lot and is really good at it. This is kind of the same as me as I am always drawing on any piece of paper I can find. Also Terry is constantly pulling pranks on Andy, which are nearly always hilarious.

Who do you recommend reads the Treehouse Series of books?

Maybe 7year olds and older who like humour, jokes and pranks, has a good imagination. Both boys and girls will find this series hilarious, my little sister laughs a lot when I tell her about some of Andy and Terry’s antics, pranks and jokes.

Thanks for your insights Beau. Happy Reading.

Thanks for having me Noah, I look forward to my next interview on Booker’s Books.

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