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Violet Mackerel’s Series by Anna Branford

A Guest blog post by Kyah Booker

So Kyah, tell me about this book series you have been reading over the summer?

I was lent this book series by good friends of ours, The Gripper’s, and it was really good. I read most of them on my own, and my Mum also read one out loud to me which was really nice.

Tell me what Violet Mackerel is about?

Well, Violet is the main character and she is about 8 years old. Each book in the series is about a problem that Violet faces, how Violet makes a theory to help with the problem, and how good things even come out of bad things sometimes. Violet loves small things, small notes, small insects, small lockets, and lots of other small things and she comes up with a Theory of small things to help in each of the books.

Do you have a favourite book in the series?

Violet Mackerel’s Formal Occassion is definitely my favourite because it is all about Violet trying to cheer her Mum up.

Why do you like reading these books?

Well they are nice and short, with small chapters and quite a few little pictures. This makes them perfect for me to read on my own and not feel too overwhelmed like when I pick up a big book that is much longer. I also like that the main character is a girl about the same age as me.

Who should read these books?

I think it is a good series for everyone, but especially kids between 6-9years old. They are great to read alone if you can read chapter books, but also lovely to read aloud with your mum or dad.

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