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Wings of Fire: A Dragon Adventure

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We have got something different on the blog today. We have a guest writer. My little brother, Beau, who has been a guest before talking about the Treehouse series, will be writing about the epic kids book series, Wings of Fire. So Beau since you’ve read more books from the series than me (shocking I know!), why don’t I just hand over to you!

Firstly, the Wings of Fire series is written by the amazing Tui. T. Sutherland! She has written many books including, The Menagerie Trilogy and The Pet Trouble Series.

wings of fire book review bookers books guest author

Now onto the first series - The Dragonet Prophecy. Obviously, these books are about dragons. And in this first series the dragons are young and are known as dragonets. The dragonets are:

  • Clay the Mudwing - kind, friendly, happy, calm;

  • Tsunami the Seawing - fierce, protective, dangerous, hotheaded;

  • Glory the Rainwing - sarcastic, beautiful, can shoot deadly venom from fangs, smart;

  • Starflight the Nightwing - super smart, loves studying, does NOT like fighting, nervous; and

  • Sunny the Sandwing - small, excitable, positive, friendly.

In the first 5 books they must complete the Dragonet Prophecy made by the Nightwing Seer Morrowseer. This is the prophecy:

When the war has lasted twenty years. . .

the dragonets will come.

When the land is soaked in blood and tears. . .

the dragonets will come.

Find the Seawing egg of deepest blue.

Wings of night shall come to you.

The largest egg in the mountain high

will give to you the wings of sky.

For wings of earth, search through the mud

for an egg the colour of dragon blood.

And hidden alone from the rival queens,

the Sandwing egg awaits unseen.

Of three queens who blister and blaze and burn,

two shall die and one shall learn

if she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher,

she’ll have the power of wings of fire.

Five eggs to hatch on brightest night,

five dragons born to end the fight.

Darkness will rise to bring the light.

The dragonets are coming. . . .

bookers books book review wings of fire guest author

After they stop the war they create Jade Mountain Academy.

Now it is time for the second series. The second series of the Wings of Fire books: The Jade Mountain Series.

The series starts with a young Nightwing named Moonwatcher, or Moon for short. She is a mindreader and a seer of which she is the first in centuries. Moon discovers a dragon in her head talking to her. When Moon and her friends leave the Academy she loses contact with the dragon in her mind. While they are running through the rain Moon goes into a fit and gives a prophecy.

Beware the darkness of dragons,

Beware the stalker of dreams,

Beware the talons of power and fire,

Beware the one who is not what she seems.

Something is coming to shake the earth,

Something is coming to scorch the ground.

Jade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and ice

Unless the lost city of night can be found.

In this series the dragonets are:

Moon the Nightwing - Shy, Cautious, Scared and Nervous;

Qibli the Sandwing - Loyal, Kind, Friendly and Happy;

Kinkajou the Rainwing - Loyal, Happy, Energetic and Funny;

Winter the Icewing - Cold, Deadly, Interest in scavengers and Vengeful;

Turtle the Seawing - Timid, Cautious, Afraid and Friendly; and

Peril the Skywing - Loyal, Vengeful, Has a crush on Clay and Powerful.

Now there are 2 more series, you guessed it, each with its own prophecy and new dragonet characters. But my brother seems to think this is enough for one blog post. So they will have to wait for another post later in the week.

For now, I need to give you my recommendations about who should read this series. The Wings of Fire series are perfect for kids between the ages of 7 or 8 up to about 13. There is a little bit of violence, lots of adventure, loads of battles and a touch of magic. If you love myths, legends, battles, cryptic prophecies and the conflict between good and evil in all of us, then these books are for you.

Thanks Beau. This has been very entertaining. We will see you again soon to tell us more about this epic series of books.

Stay Tuned


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